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Master Jeweller

Award winning designer Simon Henderson has more than three decades of experience in designing and handcrafting fine jewellery and engagement rings. At just five years old, Simon’s father made him a workbench from where he began crafting objects. At 10 years old the power lines in the street of Simon’s neighbourhood were being removed so he began twisting and turning the discarded copper into jewellery. This was a child’s hobby that would eventually lead to national and international awards and on to a career and reputation as one of Australia’s most talented fine jewellery designers. Simon was fortunate to apprentice with tutors who favored the use of hand tools so he was able to fine-tune the skills he had developed in childhood. He studied for seven years, mastering traditional hand skills that he now combines with state of the art technology in his unique studio.

In 1995 Simon was invited by the Kailis family to establish Artisans of the Sea, a fine pearl jewellery showroom in Fremantle, thus beginning his passion for working with Australian South Sea Pearls. As Master Jeweller and Head Designer for 18 years, Simon played a lead role in the development of the Kailis Jewellery brand as it became the international benchmark for a new modernity in pearl design.


Simon has extensive knowledge in working with a wide range of gems, in particular Argyle pink and champagne diamonds and coloured gems such as sapphires and spinels with exceptional sourcing relationships around the world.


In 2012 Simon established his own studio reflecting the key tenents and traits that define his approach to jewellery. Each piece is beautiful and contemplative and whilst clearly from Henderson Bespoke contains a magical alchemy ensuring it also responds to your brief and is joyfully wearable.


Simon has an innate appreciation for simplicity and organic forms and is often inspired by nature. Journeys to Japan resulted in bamboo and gingko designs. Travels to Thailand resulted in an explosion of colour and a luscious use of sapphires. Whilst precious metals lend a guilded fluidity to Simon’s designs he also embraces more unusual materials such as titanium, onyx, mother of pearl and rare timbers such as ebony. The ultimate result is an iconic piece of fine jewellery that is a striking blend of nature’s treasures and Simon’s incomparable design skills.



Kathryn's beginning was in digital design but her love for jewellery was ignited when she starting working in a jewellery store near the end of high school. She went on to complete a degree in multimedia design but had already made plans to pursue a career in jewellery once she had finished her studies.

She has been working with jewellery for over 10 years, collecting hands-on experience and learning the language of the trade. She describes herself as as 'sentimentalist' and appreciates the stories that jewellery can inspire.

Kathryn discovered her true passion when she began a diploma in gemmology in 2012. She completed the two years of study, receiving several prizes for her practical skills and finds great joy in looking at all precious gemstones and minerals. She continues to teach at the local gemmological association and willingly shares her knowledge with anyone who is interested in the mystery of gemstones.



Elly brings her own unique skills to the Henderson Bespoke workshop as another one of our passionate jewellers. She has been learning a wide variety of skills since entering the jewellery universe, studying and working alongside several notable Perth jewellers.

In 2017, Elly's interest in chasing and repoussé took her Florence, Italy, where she attended workshops guided by Fabrizio Acquafresca, an aptly named maestro of the ancient technique. This rare skill combined with her enthusiasm for enamelling produces beautifully textured and boldly coloured jewellery pieces.

Elly's efforts have been recognised over the years as a recipient of several international and local awards for her design and manufacturing skills. Elly continues to develop and widen her skillset, and is a valued member of our workshop family.

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